Rosen für die Staatsanwältin

Rosen für die Staatsanwältin

Bild: Ylva

“Ich muss wohl in Zukunft aufpassen, was ich Ihnen sage, Doc”, sagte Evan nach kurzem Schweigen.

“Nein, musst du nicht”, sagte Dawn ernst. “Darum geht es ja in einer Therapie. Du kannst alles sagen, solange du nur versuchst, ehrlich zu dir selbst zu sein.”

  • Jae – Rosen für die Staatsanwältin

Brideshead Revisited (2)

Brideshead Revisited

Bild: Back Bay Books

“She leaned forward to the locker for a box of cigarettes.

“No, thanks.”

“Light one for me, will you?”

It was the first time in my life that anyone had asked this of me, and as I took the cigarette from my lips and put it in hers, I caught a thin bat’s squeak of sexuality, inaudible to any but me.”

  • Evelyn Waughn – Brideshead Revisited

Brideshead Revisited

Brideshead Revisited

Bild: Back Bay Books

“Here at the age of thirty-nine I began to be old. I felt stiff and weary in the evenings and reluctant to go out of camp; I developed proprietary claims to certain chairs and newspapers; I regularly drank three glasses of gin before dinner, never more or less, and went to bed immediatley after the nine o’clock news. I was always awake and fretful an hour before reveille.”

  • Evelyn Waugh – Brideshead Revisited

Juliet, Naked

Juliet, Naked

Bild: Penguin Publishers

“One thing about great art: it made you love people more, forgive them their petty transgressions. It worked in the way that religion was supposed to, if you thought about it. What did it matter that Annie had heard the album before he’d had his chance? Imagine all the people who’d heard the original album before he’d discovered it! Imagine all the people who’d seen Taxi Driver before him, come to that! Did that deaden its impact? Did it make it less his? He wanted to go home, hug her and talk about a morning that he would never forget.”

  • Nick Hornby – Juliet, Naked

Erhöre mein Flehen

Erhoere mein Flehen von Susanna Tamaro

Bild: randomhouse

“Die Wahrheit hängt vom Standpunkt ab”, hatte mein Vater eines Tages zu mir gesagt, “und da es unendlich viele Standpunkte gibt, sind auch die Wahrheiten unendlich viele. Wer behauptet, die Wahrheit in der Hand zu halten, hält in der anderen schon das Messer bereit, um sie zu verteidigen. Wer Gott auf seine Seite zieht, tut es, um dich anschließend zu töten. (…) Wahrheit und Tod gehen immer nebeneinander.”

  • Susanna Tamaro – Erhöre mein Flehen

Girl meets Boy

Girl meets Boy

Bild: Conongate US

“It had been exciting, first the not knowing what Robin was, then the finding out. The grey area, I’d discovered, had been misnamed: really the grey area was a whole other spectrum of colours new to the eye. She had the swagger of a girl. She blushed like a boy. She had a girl’s toughness. She had a boy’s gentleness. She was as meaty as a girl. She was as graceful as a boy. She was as brave and handsome and rough as a girl. She was as pretty and delicate and dainty as a boy. She turned boys’ heads like a girl. She turned girls’ heads like a boy. She made love like a boy. She made love like a girl. She was so boyish it was girlish, so girlish it was boyish, she made me want to rove the world wrtitng our names on every tree. I had simply never found anyone so right. Sometimes this shocked me so much that I was unable to speak.”

  • Ali Smith – Girl meets Boy